Nak Daily Detox Shampoo 250Ml

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  • SKU : 1234561595

Ideal for Scalp, Hair, Beard, Body.

Sulphate free / paraben free.

Purifying and detoxifying action.

Cooling and refreshing.

Moisturising and soothing for scalp, skin and hair.

Nak Daily Detox Shampoo is engineered for all hair types and grooming zones - Scalp, Hair, Beard, Body.

Recommended For

All men who require an overall shampoo for scalp + hair, beard + body.

Key Ingredients

Panthenol, rosemary, peppermint and birch.

Directions Of use

Recommended for daily use, all over scalp, hair, beard and body shampoo.

Lather on twice, rinse thoroughly.

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